Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Boating Advice and Safety Tips

By now, most boaters have hit the water, two or three times. Maybe you were out for a holiday party, or a short day trip, but no boater could resist the beautiful warm days of July. Regardless, your group or family can have a world of fun on your boat. 

Obviously, safety is king, but fun is important too. Create a custom set of rules based on our advice below, and you'll have a safe, wonderful time out on the water.

• Take an extra boating safety course, beyond the required minimum. A skill or tip you pick up in class could save your life, and it will surely lower your insurance costs.
• Check the boat to confirm that all components are working properly and in good health.
• Fill up on fuel, and determine when you'll need to re-up.
• Check all weather reports for deplorable weather like high winds and storms
• Technology is only as good as its battery power; bring along some of the classics like a map or compass, just in case.
• You'll always need a high-quality anchor and anchoring equipment, even if you plan to use docks.
• Always bring along a new, fully packed, first-aid kit and extra life vests, because life is very unpredictable.
• You also want
USCG approved safety equipment like oars, lifesavers, and fire extinguishers

Whatever fun you decide to have this summer, just remember to be safe, responsible, and polite. If you’re going out with family, remember your precious cargo. Similarly, if you’re going out with friends, remember that even though your boat feels like a private party, you’re still in public.

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