Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to Determine The Age of Your Volvo Engine

Volvo Penta engines for speed and leisure boats are surely the best on the market, and they last for a long time, but how can you be sure what year yours was built?

When you examine the engine cloesely, you can pinpoint the time period to when Volvo built the engine. This is usually a close approximation, so it can save you a lot of money if you're buying one from an unfamiliar source.

Look for numbers on the decal, this way, you can determine the year at least. You can also look at lettering sequences to determine the year, for example, AQ and BB sequences ceased in the nineties.

The engine's color tells you a lot about it. A good example is an early red volvo engine, which is sign that its from the eighties. If the boat has a dark chocolate or charcoal color, you should be able to look up the information easily. 

The current red engines are from 2000 and later. The decals on these don't give an exact year or date, but you can use the number sequence on the engine to find out.

Monday, June 10, 2013

How to Prepare Your Dock for the Season

As we approach summer, the boats are hitting the water.  After you’ve gotten the boat tuned up and all set, don’t forget to look at your deck and make sure it is fully prepared for the upcoming season.  Here are some tips  to make sure your dock, gangway or deck is fully prepared and ready for summer.

Deck Surface – The boards, panels and wood on the deck should be safe and secure.  If they have come loose or if the screws are not tightly attached, make sure you secure them firmly to prevent further damage or injury. For natural wood, it might be time to apply another coat of sealant.

Level- Make sure the dock is floating at a level surface.  If you’ve stored the deck on dry land during the winter months, things may have shifted out of place. Make sure the poles support the deck as they are designed to do.

Accessory Adjustments – Things like handrails and gates should be properly adjusted as well.  Have they become lose since last year? Are they tight? If you’re adding on new accessories, make sure you have the proper space and accommodations to have them properly installed.

Gangways – Make sure the decking is in order and proper.  Does the jack work?  Are the connections between the shore and the dock good and secure?  These are crucial components to make sure nothing happens when someone uses the gangway to access the dock.

Every spring, you should give your dock or gangway a thorough inspection to make sure there will be no harmful issues when it gets busy.  If you have questions, need replacement or need help, please give us a call.