Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Five tips for Safely Towing Passengers on a Speedboat

Speedboat captains must be careful when towing water-skiers, skim boarders, and tubers. Obviously, you want to be careful when driving a boat under any circumstance, but extra caution is crucial when towing a person behind such a strong machine. For one thing, realize that the person is going as fast as a car, and hitting the water feels more like hitting cement. For another, a crazy wake might be funny to you, but not to a novice; pay attention to the wake you expect the participant to ride. 

Here’s a great example of how easy it is to have a watersport disaster. Luckily, the skim boarder is OK, judging by the YouTube comments and description. 

To ensure you’re being extra safe with your precious cargo, always keep the following tips in mind!

•    Always have a “spotter”. This extra person will watch the person in tow, while the driver pays attention to hazards, speed, and safety.
•    An extra rear-view style mirror goes a long way, pick one up next time you’re picking up boat accessories.
•    Don’t skimp on the life vest, and lifesaver, just in case of emergencies or bad falls.
•    A quick take-off helps the skier stand up into proper skiing position
•    Never drive a boat after you’ve been drinking. Absolutely never tow someone after you’ve been drinking. Alcohol was a leading factor in 16% of fatal boating accidents last year.


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