Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Advice & FAQ about Volvo Penta Marine Engines

FAQ for Volvo Boat Parts 

At Power House Marina, we strive to bring you the best Volvo products as well as the most in-depth and informative answers to any question you may have. Keeping your boat's engine in great condition is our goal. In keeping with this, you will find many frequently asked questions regarding the equipment we have for sell below: 

What is the difference between Diesel and Gas engines? 

Gasoline engines are usually cheaper while still offering high performance power. Gasoline engines also produce low emissions. Diesel, many times, provides a greater performance than that of gasoline engines. 

Do you have any advice for buying a new boat engine? 

When buying a new engine for your boat, you'll want to keep a few things in mind. You'll want to pick something that has improved comfort for you and your passengers who will be experiencing the power of the engine. You'll also want to be aware of improved safety and reliability issues. A better fuel economy will help your decision making as well. 

Is there a large performance difference between bigger and smaller engines? 

The difference in engines all depends on what models you are considering. We are more than happy to answer any specific questions you may have regarding this aspect once you know what model you are considering. 

Information & Photo Source: http://www.volvopenta.com/VOLVOPENTA/NA/EN-US/MARINE_LEISURE_ENGINES/FAQ/Pages/faq_main.aspx

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