Saturday, March 9, 2013

Changing The Propeller on a Volvo Penta Marina Engine

Changing a propeller is a moderately dangerous task, but it doesn't have to be daunting, difficult, and demoralizing. The trick is to use the resources you have at your disposal. Search online, or ask someone who is familiar with your engine. Knowing specifics will make the process much easier.

For example, on a Volvo Penta marine engine, you don't need many supplies and you can get it done easily. Changing the propeller consists of the same basic ideas and principles as self-building furniture- take things off and put them back on in the same order.

You won't need a wide array of tools, just some pliers, a 1 1/16 wrench, and some white marine grease. Set the tools aside, but not too far away.

  • Turn the power on, but don't start the engine. Use the tilt to lift the engine up, and turn off the ignition. Keep the key close by, as you'll need it again.
  • Use pliers to remove the cotter pin. Grab the wrench and remove the propeller nut. Slide it off the shaft, ensuring that you leave the thrust washer and bushing on the shaft.
  • Clean the propeller shaft, removing any debris and apply marine grease. After you grease the shaft and the new propeller, you can put the new piece on.
  • When you get the propeller on, tighten the nut to about 80 pounds of pressure, using a torque wrench. Install a keeper, turning it until it aligns with the shaft. This will keep the propeller in place.
  • Afterwards, give the propeller a light spin, and check for signs of struggle. If you aligned the propeller properly, it will spin freely after your push.
  • Now, undo what you did in the first step. Turn the ignition on, without actually starting the engine. Use the tilt to lower the engine back to where it was.

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